Every Woman’s Guide To Boosting Fertility

Every Woman’s Guide To Boosting Fertility

Couples trying for a baby have many concerns. While mating around the ovulation is the scientific part of it, check these other tips that can boost the fertility in a woman.

Maintain your weight

Being underweight or obese can have severe implications on pregnancy attempts. Overweight women face difficult ovulation issues, mainly because of unleveled hormonal production. The idea is to consult doctor on the ideal weight and maintain the same.

Add the basic nutrients

If you are trying to conceive, the level of iron, zinc, protein and vitamins in the body needs to be right. Missing on all or either of these nutrients may result in higher risks of early miscarriages and even change the monthly cycles, affecting ovulation.

Better your lifestyle and sex life

Stress, depression and excessive work pressure can take a toll on your sleep, sex life and overall happiness. Tweaking your lifestyle and including meditation, exercise, and frequent sex only better the chances of getting pregnant.

Quit smoking

Cigarettes and nicotine toxins can damage your fertility in more ways than you can imagine. Stop smoking right away as it affects the fertilization and causes the ovaries to age faster than usual. If your man is a smoker, you might want to warn him as passive smoking has its own disadvantages.

Lastly, don’t miss on your regular gynecologist checkups and ask your doctor is birth control pills are worth considering. Not many women know that OCPs are actually used for enhancing fertility. Often the right medications and few good changes to the lifestyle can actually work wonders.




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