Kidshealth.org provides education and advice

Kidshealth.org provides education and advice

The very popular site, kidshealth.org is today known as the most visited site on the web for information about the health of an unborn child to children in their teens. This is a reputation well-earned as for 20 years; this has been a place of advice for parents, for kids, for teens, and educators. In fact, the website is split into these four areas, with varied and specific information for these groups. 

However, it does not only have information. The organization has taken an active part in providing families with advice, counseling, and comfort on how to deal with the emotional and physical ordeals involved in raising kids and teenagers.

The site relies on a group of editors who are able to communicate medical information in a way that is easily understandable. The organization does not intend to take the place of a certified physician or a visit to one. However, the information provided has been approved by certified physicians.  The organization commits to providing accurate information and advice to allow families to live a healthy lifestyle.

Besides online health information, kidshealth.org also provides useful instructional tools in the form of videos, patient instructions, and sequenced learning tools, among others.  Once again the content is licensed by health plans, health care providers, and other organizations.  The purpose remains as a means to educate and engage families.

The mission of kidshealth.org is very clear and expressed on their website: “helping families grow up healthy”. To achieve this, they require the sponsorship of foundations, corporations, and other groups interested in having kidshealth.org deliver information and solutions to families struggling with issues in the health of their kids and teens.  

A part of kidshealth.org is the Nemours Center for Children´s Health Media which is a part of the Nemours Foundation, started in 1936 as a nonprofit organization and initiated by philanthropist Alfred I DuPont. The center, unique in the country, is pediatrician-led and focuses on the health of kids and teenagers exclusively.  



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